BERDO at a Glance

Date of Establishment  :  July 17, 1991

General Members of the General body :  21

Members of the Executive Committee : 7

Executive Director :  1

Total Number of Staff :  46

Total Number of Volunteers : 55

Ongoing Project  : 1. The Residential School for the children with visually impairment, Dhaka Braille Library, Dhaka

                                 2.The school of information and Technology, Dhaka

                                 3.Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) – Gazipur

                                 4.Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) – Barisal

                                 5.Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR), Banaripara, Barisal

                                 6.Promotion of Human rights of persons with disability in Bangladesh (PHRPBD)-Through Disability Inclusion  

                                 7.Empower Program for Children with Disability (EPCD), Banaripara

                                 8.Braille Library,Dhaka

                                 9.Education Program for Visually Impaired Children (Light House) in Dhaka, Bangladesh

                                 10.Vulnerable Group Development in Kishoreganj

                                 11.Vulnerable Group Development in Narayanganj

                                 12.Abdul Mannan Sikder Child Care and Blindness Prevention Program in Madaripur

                                 13.Job placement, Dhaka

Last 3 Years Donor  :  a. Kinder mission werk, Germany

                                       b. The Royal Danish Embassy, Dhaka

                                       c.  Abilish Foundation, Finland

                                       d .  Force Foundation, Netherland

Total Number of Present Disabled                     

Beneficiaries  : 2432

Total Number of Present Women Disabled Beneficiaries  : 230

Total Number of Present Beneficiaries   : 2432

Total Number of Students                  : 347

Total Number of Library Beneficiaries    : 328

Total Number of Job Holders               : 210

Assistive Device to be given                   : 270

Education Materials provided              : 42

Total Disbursement of Loan                 : 419850000

Total Realization of Loan                     : 381305650

Total Present Outstanding                   : 38544350

Rate of Realization                               : 98.78%

Total Realization of Savings                 : 68236202

Total Refund of Savings                       : 54563101

Total Savings Stand                              : 13673101