Books are as useful to a stupid person as a mirror is useful to a blind person.

Ariful Islam

was born blind to a family that lacked the resources to care for him. BERDO recruited him to join the School of Happy World where he could learn to read and write Braille, and gain independent living skills. Ariful is an incredible boy, with a big heart and modest expectations. He has become confident moving around without any help, and loves to make new friends. His spirit is a happy one, and he is often found making jokes and laughing.

Md. Ashadul Huq

an only child, was born with partial vision in only one of his eyes. He came to BERDO’s School of Happy World when his father died and his mother was unable to care for him. Ashadul is smart and assertive and shows leadership abilities that far exceed those of most children his age. He has made great strides in his ability to read and write Braille in his five years with the school and has adjusted well to BERDO’s residential environment.

Md. Shahin Aldar

has been a member of BERDO’s community based rehabilitation group in Barisal Sadar for twelve years. He has had a deformed foot since birth and reached out to BERDO to ask for a micro-loan to help him start a business. He has successfully repaid nine loans and is still a member of the group because of the positive example he portrays. Shahin now runs his own tailor shop where he employees two persons and advises and encourages other members of the group in their business endeavors.


is a member of BERDO’s community based rehabilitation group in Tongi. She is 25 years old and has been struggling to feed her children. She joined the group named Bakul Flower, received micro-credit which allowed her to buy a cow and sell milk for profit. She has been able to repay the loan, and with the profit she bought another cow. Thanks to the micro-credit provided by BERDO she is able to provide food for her family. Unlike other women in the village, Jusna is able to contribute financially to the well-being of her family. She feels empowered now that she is working, and is able to exercise decision-making in the family affairs. She is more hopeful about her children’s future and her ability to provide education for them.

Madhab Chandra Pal

is a old friend of BERDO. He has been coming to BERDO for a long time using BERDO’s library for visually impaired and the special computers. Mr. Madhab also volunteers with BERDO by teaching music and songs to the children of BERDO’s school for visually impaired. Mr. Madhab Chandra Pal has an MA in history from Dhaka University and is looking for a job. BERDO is helping Mr. Madhab to find a job placement. Mr. Madhab, like many other educated visually impaired persons, is having difficulties in finding employment. His wife is also visually impaired and they face many difficulties providing for their family.

Firoza Khatun

has been working at BERDO since 2005 as an assistant. Ms. Khatun contracted a poliovirus which left her lower body underdeveloped. She has faced many difficulties while trying to get an education and find a job. BERDO’s job placement program helped Ms. Khatun find a job, and she moved from her village and now is able to take care of herself. Ms. Firoza is hardworking, independent woman who doesn’t allow her disability to stop her from becoming a productive member of society. She takes on many responsibilities at her job, and she thinks that the situation is improving for people with disabilities.